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Aladin Electric Field MGR 110V-400kV

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Aladin Electric Field MGR 110V-400kV


Electrical Field Manager, no nuisance detection. Alarm sounds with change in electrical field zone, Voltage alarm & Dual Head lamps. Provides extra safety for workers operating near energised equipment.


ALADIN Association of Light And Detector for Individual Notice. •ALADIN is designed to provide extra safety level for workers operating near energized equipment (during maintenance, rescue operations, painting, pruning, …) in electrical environment.

•This device combines a head light and a personal voltage alarm. 

• Lightweight, compact device. Dimensions 87 x 60 x 34mm, Weight 99Grams,

•Rechargeable by standard micro USB 5 V plug. Options for USB Charger, Elastic Strap. 

•Packaging in Soft bag, included pad interface for helmet mount.

•The Bluetooth connection can relay the warning on a remote device or can be used to pre-set the sensitivity. 

•The device is designed like head light to be fixed on helmets or hard hats by various means. In this position, the device will detect 360°around the operator.

•No influence of the electromagnetic fields.

STANDARD: Complying with European Directives CE EN 61000, 2, EN 61000-6-4



•Example of situation where ALADIN provided an efficient warning.

-Misunderstanding: the operator approach the wrong location

-Voltage unexpected return. Mistake during an operation on disconnected network.

-Involuntary approach: Quick move in direction of energized area during operation

-Diversion: the operator is diverted by a bad news or urgency.

 In all these situations and many others ALADIN will provide the ultimate WARNING.



•Sound alert of voltage proximity which rhythm increases up on the level      of electric field detected.

•The “smart mute” is a Dynamic Voltage Detection:

−it is used to silence the warning sound once at working place, the device      is remaining in vigilance and still measuring the electric field.

−The warning sound will automatically restart in case of increase of the       level of detected electric field (closer or sudden presence of voltage).

−Acts as a virtual barrier - which can be set at the working place.


•2 types of light are available, one for distance & another for close up work.

Distance Torch 140Lm 11 degree beam with a distance of 20-30Mtrs lasting 4 hours.

Close work Torch –Position 1 = 50Lm 65 degree beam with a distance of 10-15 Mtrs lasting 4 hours. Close work Torch –Position 2 = 100Lm 65 degree beam with a distance of 5-10 Mtrs lasting 25 hours. Close work Torch –Position 3 = 20Lm 65 degree beam with a distance of 3 Mtrs lasting 50 hours.



•360°detection of electric field 50 HZ or 60 Hz around the worker.

•IP65 Convenient for outdoor and indoor electrical systems

•Detects the level of electric field. It does not measure the distance of the source of the electric field

•Higher is the voltage, bigger is the distance of detection.

•It may even detect low voltage near wall outlet.

•Range of use up to 220 kV environments

Indicative sensing distances in laboratory conditions:  Voltage on a 2m bar at 1.5m above the ground.  1kV = 2Mtr distance, 15kV =4.5Mtr distance, 20kV = 5Mtr distance, 25kV = 5.5Mtr distance.

ALADINPROTO, Aladdin, Aladin 

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Aladin Electric Field MGR 110V-400kV


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