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MS44PG2 Cable Stripper Pliers 21-35mm

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MS44PG2 Cable Stripper Pliers 21-35mm


Sibille Outillage Pliers for cables outside diameter ranging between 26 - 52mm.
Stripping tools designed for circular and longitudinal cutting.
External sheet removal becomes easy with this strong pliers.
Insulated tool. Guaranteed up to 1000V.
Blqde Lenght : 2mm


-This plier removes the need for knives in the workplace when working with power cables. That brings a safe work and avoid accident due to loss of control when the hand push or pull the knife.
-This porduct is designed for many different cable types including Lead, PVC and HDPE sheaths and suitable for round and sector cable types.
-Adapted to be use with electrical insulating glove
-360 degrees circumference cut
-The MS44 PG2 is a very reliable product. This tool is targeted to get a very long-life duration.



Since 1967 SIBILLE OUTILLAGE has been an expert in hand-held tools for electricians and guarantees you are handling a perfect safe tool designed for demanding use.

Located in France, SIBILLE OUTILLAGE designs and manufactures from mid-60’s a large range of hand tools dedicated to low voltage live working in accordance with different standards like IEC and ASTM. The company has managed a large number of products developments to attain a top position in the international market. The aim of our company is to provide to our customers products and servicing in order to guarantee a safe work in the energy network following this policy: work safe = home safe.

As a technology-based company, SIBILLE OUTILLAGE is constantly striving to develop innovative products based on different technologies we run in our factory: injection moulding, PVC casting, marking, assembly,….Meanwhile, we are permanently looking to improve raw materials performance and work out different development with material manufacturer and Engineer & technician university. Our experience of over four decades has made it possible for us to select for instance a very high-performance grade of steel: chromium molybdenum steel. Our blades undergo a quenching treatment to further increase the robustness of this kind of steel.

This strong base of knowledge conducts the company to permanently develop new solutions like hybrid and electric vehicles range of product and specialized or customised tools for power distribution.



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MS44PG2 Cable Stripper Pliers 21-35mm


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