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Voltage Detection & Measurement

Field Test Detection & Measurement

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  1. Aladin Electric Field MGR 110V-400kV

    Electrical Field Manager, no nuisance detection. Alarm sounds with change in electrical field zone, Voltage alarm & Dual Head lamps. Provides extra safety for workers operating near energised equipment.

  2. Supply Meter Tester 230V 50/60Hz

    BTC230 TESTER FOR ELECTRICITY METERS. Use: Creates a load at subscriber meter terminals in order to check they are operating correctly. Suited for electromechanical or electronic meters.


  3. Insulated Peg-Plastic clamp 25mm

    Plastic clip for insulating sheets and bands.
    Guaranteed up to 1000V
    Length 165mm, Weight 82g, Capacity 25mm

  4. Voltage Detector WideRange 127V-90kV ACV

    Voltage Detector WideRange 127V-90kV ACV
  5. Modiewark 240V,3.3,6.6,11,22,33,66,132kV

    The WA1 Modiewark is both a non-contact and contact voltage tester. The WA1 Model has the following Switch Settings:-  OFF, 240V, 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV. WA1&Bag kit includes: 

  6. Fameca LV Detector TAG780D Trigger IPX2x

    Fameca TAG780 LV Detector with Trigger IPX2x  Heavy duty voltage detector for checking the absence of voltage and giving voltage level indication on low voltage up to 1000V. This device provides additional features as : Display

  7. LV Phase Rotation Device,leads not fused

    LV Phase Rotation Device,leads not fused
  8. Voltage Tester non contact 1000VAC CatIV

    Voltage Tester non contact 1000VAC CatIV PHASE TESTER FOR LV NETWORK1000V CAT IV - IP65 UNITAG is a unipolar detector designed to test the presence of phase on insulated or bare LV conductors. The level of detection is indicated by a LED barg

  9. Phase Tester 1000V CatIV-IP65w/interface

    Phase Tester 1000V CatIV-IP65 with interface. PHASE TESTER FOR LV NETWORK 1000V CAT IV - IP65 It is commonly used for detecting stray voltage on poles and cross arms, conductor disconnection on overhead insulated LV conductors…. UNITAG

  10. HV Remote Electrical Field Detector

    Hand Held Remote Electrical Field Detector with direction Barrell detects live conducts at ground level HV Remote Electrical Field Detector. The DCEDB382 remotely detects the presence of electrical fields from the pylon or even from the groun

  11. Stick and Rope Tester

    Fameca TT7415 Hot Stick and Rope Tester, checks the insulating quality of yours poles, rods and ropes. The tester do not only identify surface defects. Its capacitive principle of measurement allows to detect int

  12. LV Phase Rotation Device Stdw/leadsFused

    LV Phase Rotation Device Stdw/leadsFused
  13. LV Detector TAG780 Trigger IPX2x (OLD)

    LV Detector TAG780 Trigger IPX2x (OLD)
  14. Proximity Detector 380v,11,22,66,132kV U

    Proximity Detector 380v,11,22,66,132kV U
  15. Suparule Cable Height Meter

    Suparule Cable Height Meter
  16. Modiewark 240,2,11,22,33,66,132,330kV

    The Modiewark is a Non-Contact & Contact Voltage Detector Proximity and Touch device that detects the presence of an alternating electric field.

    Its uniqu

  17. New TAG780

    New TAG780 LV IEC Compliant Detector with voltage ranges , phase rotation, continuity, AC and DC to 1000V , single point detection AC , terminal light supplied with IP2X and other probe tips .Also available with Substation and ,OHL Probes
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