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Cable Prep General

Cable Prep General - Cable Preparation Tools

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  1. Armoured Cable and Outer Sheath Saw

    Alroc Saw for cutting armoured cable wires and hard outer sheaths.
  2. Set of 3 CCT Strippers (CSC,LSC,IRPT)

    Set of 3 CCT Strippers (CSC,LSC,IRPT)
  3. Spare Blade suit HES5024/IBST5024

    Spare Blade suit HES5024/IBST5024
  4. Cable End Stripper 25-240mm

    Cable End Stripper 25-240mm End Stripping for Softer Insulation in range 25-240sqmm Not suitable for some CCT Similar use and Design to Pyro Stripper
  5. Jacket Removal Blade

    Jacket Removal Blade
  6. Cable Jacket Removal Tool

    Cable Jacket Removal Tool
  7. Vinyl bag suit JR w/velcro closure*

    Vinyl Bag suits JR with velcro closure
  8. Jacket & End Strip12.7-63.5 dia

    • “Universal” tool for end stripping or mid span stripping of outer jackets or insulating material 35-240 and 300-1000sq mm • End stripping and mid span stripping with different blades (interchangeable) • “Du

  9. Tool 2x2 w/95 & 25 Ends (2402357)

    Tool 2x2 w/95 & 25 Ends (2402357)
  10. Tape Measure Non Conductive 3m

    Tape Measure Non Conductive 3m
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