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About Us

HYLEC Energy Solutions Pty Ltd is a designer, manufacturer, and importer of ranges of electrical products used in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. HYLEC also provides testing and repair services of electrical components in the Pacific region.

HYLEC commenced operation in August 1998. The founder Rob Hyland developed a strong and dynamic business completely focused on the technical aspect of the products and servicing its customers. A “can do” operation and within 24 hours response is HYLEC ‘s method of working today. Satisfaction is always in stock!

Through the years, HYLEC has established itself as a highly adaptable supplier that can effectively satisfy the requirements of the AUSTRALIAN market through our well organized and committed team by delivering quality products and support.

In 1999, our company was the first to introduce the first ever MV TAG contact detector to ENERGEX and ERGON. Thereafter with the electrical regulation update the phasor TAG 5000 and HV detector TAG 330 was introduced. Then, many innovative electronic devices have been introduced by HYLEC to improve the safety, time and sustainability of components utilized within the power network.

Manufactured examples of specialty products as per customer specifications includes but not limited to: capacitive probes to enhance the safety of the MV Range, de-energized 3 phase cable and core identifiers FC2300, FC 3000 network tracker, PED, hot sticks, LV live working tools, cable preparation tools and many more.

For over 15 years HYLEC is the agent of JEAN MULLER in Australia. We assemble and customize Low Voltage cabinet to suit the Australian regulation and market. We paint product in our paint booth to change color and improve UV stability, CNC Machinery creates accurate busbar fixings. Our designs achieve anti-flooding system. All the designs we do are performed in SOLIDWORKS ® and all versions are recorded and managed through our Q&A system.

Since January 2015 HYLEC has been a business unit of NOVARC Pacific, thus our company has both full access to our 12 sister factories and the large range of safety products produced by them, inclusive of the local HYLEC self-sufficient manufacturing facility based in Brisbane.

NOVARC group is a global leader in the Electrical Safety Product Manufacturing Supplies since 1949. NOVARC’s companies deliver to more than 250 Utility Companies around the world. Through shared knowledge and expertise our sister companies support HYLEC to provide superior advice, service, and support in Pacific region. In our commitment to provide reliable safety products our companies are permanent members of 14 different IEC and ASTM committees.

In NOVARC, industrial abilities are: Pultrusion, Plastic Injection, Machining, PVC dip coating, Al/brass/Bronze Casting, Latex molding, leather goods, CNCs and a various dedicated process in 12 different plants located in France.

Within HYLEC through NOVARC group E-Learning and permanent training policies high profile persons are recruited to become part of the HYLEC procurement team, herewith creating an optimized supply chain management system that brings the expected support to utilities and contractors that utilize HYLEC ENERGY SOLUTIONS.


HYLEC has business streams in Electrical Safety Products and Fixed Electrical Products. Our Electro-Mechanical skills support our Customer’s needs.

Our Brisbane facility has the capability to create products from concept to creation in a short period of time using Solid works ©, Fusion 360 ©, 3D printing and the latest generation of CNC machines. We have got a paint booth and a park of various machines as well able to perform small to large batches of production. Product electrical testing is done by the HYLEC laboratory or a third party.

We are ISO 9001:2015, Safety with AS/NZS 4801/ OHSAS 18001 OHS, and Environmental Management with ISO14001:2015 certified.

HYLEC has the benefit of sharing a large product knowledge base with its sister companies within the group and have provided full local services for a long time by 15 skilled and dedicated staff members.

Hylec Capability CNC Machine

Our aim for all our customers?


In October 2016, HYLEC expanded its operation into New Zealand as HYLEC NZ Ltd. HYLEC NZ continues HYLEC’s values and principles as a customer and service orientated business. Located in Rotorua, HYLEC NZ delivers its products and services across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

New Caledonia, Polynesia, Wallis, Futuna, Vanuatu, Fiji, and Pacific RIM are serviced by HYLEC and HYLEC NZ since 2016. We provide delivery of our ranges of products, testing and onsite maintenance of our brands.


Customers: Our success is driven by the success of our customers, commitment to our customers, by delivering excellent and quick service, and most importantly seeking solutions to our customer’s problems and needs.

Staff: Appreciating that our staff are our most valuable and valued resource, committing to creating a safe and a great place for our staff to work, develop and prosper, encouraging our employee’s ideas and respecting their diversity.

Technical Excellence: Aspiring to excellence in all areas of our business, both technically and commercially, priding ourselves on our integrity and being open, honest, and ethical in everything we do, respecting the environment, safety, standards (AS/NZS, IEC, ASTM), regulations and laws of the land. Searching for innovation, solutions and constantly seeking to improve the way we conduct our business.


Even though HYLEC’s ultimate parent company is situated abroad its main and continuous corporate strategy is to develop its local presence in various countries.

HYLEC has the benefit of sharing a large product knowledge base with its sister companies within the group.

Improvements implemented but not limited to:
• The use of materials in design that can be dismantled.
• Designing repairable parts and products.
• Optimization the ration of strength versus quality of materials in SOLIDWORKS.
• Some products have a lifetime warranty to reduce life cycle of cheap quality consumable tools.
• 100% of the products we deliver are welcome back at HYLEC. We manage the afterlife of products by dismantling the raw materials and re-machining the components where possible.

We, at HYLEC believe that the products we provide is part of the wellbeing of the entire community. We are passionate in providing day to day product advice that encompasses the customers objectives for long-term wellbeing of all communities in AUSTRALIA, NZ, and PACIFIC RIM.


 Carbon emission reduction is one of our main targets. Year after year HYLEC staff is reviewing and implementing strategies to improve on our environmental responsibility.

HYLEC has implemented substantial changes within the company to lower our environmental impact.

Improvements implemented but not limited to:    

Installation and use of solar panels.
Energy optimization device, processes set up and implemented.
Business travel reduced: single overseas trip per year.
Use of LED lighting within the premise.
Change to use low consumption lightening in the workshop.
Online training and meetings implemented.
Waste management reviewed and recycling implemented.
Recycling of all materials viable.
Recycle of paint and thinners.
Reduction in wastepaper by changing to digital filing.
HYLEC resells low volatility solvents and uses in our workshop.
Smaller company vehicle and use of Hybrid.
We purchase second hand refurbished laptop.

We choose long life duration cell phone and stop automatic renewal plan.

We reduce packaging and optimize number of units per pack.

Bicycling and small car use is encouraged with employees.


Products of our brand must be returned to HYLEC. We manage the products end of life by dismantling all products to retrieve raw materials and get a second life when it is possible.

At the same time, to reduce gas emission, HYLEC is involved to always increase local manufacturing in AUSTRALIA and NZ. To reach this target, HYLEC has invested the last six years:

2021: Bar code management is set up within HYLEC to improve PO management speed.

2020, two CNC machines were acquired to strongly increase local manufacturing.

2019, 2018 and 2017, 3 apprentices, that means 20 % of the total staff.

2018, HYLEC has invested 3D printer to enhance quick local prototyping ability.

2017, HYLEC has invested in SOLIDWORKS, that means a full local ability to design products.

2016, HIPOT tester has been purchased to improve test bay capacity and deliver local testing.

2015, HYLEC has refurbished his entire supply chain process in EXOBIZ to be more competitive.

Prior 2015: local repair of electronic products to reduce unnecessary hydrocarbon transport emissions.


HYLEC manages supply chain by importing from overseas and manufacturing goods in Brisbane, Queensland.

Our supply chain knowledge is supported by EXOBIZ and our platform partner has 24hour support. ERP backup is managed daily. HYLEC staff recruitment specifies EXOBIZ as a non-negotiable skill. Annual training plans and updates have been implemented through EXOBIZ.

A large part of stock is sourced from sister companies where HYLEC has the top priority in terms of supply and delivery.  Within the NOVARC group we share references availability in different countries. We cannot run out of product as we have various supply options, thus always have products available.


HYLEC after hour services comprises of our regular phone system that converts voice message and forwards this via email to the sales team. They have remote access to our ERP systems where they can access required details and information. Our afterhours team has access to the company warehouse. Our afterhours staff are trained to manage any delivery. The team is capable of servicing clients during emergency call outs such as cyclone seasons where replacement parts may be required urgently.