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About Us

Hylec Energy Solutions manufacturers, designs and imports a wide range of electrical safety products. 


Our products are used across the Electrical Industry in market sectors such as Electrical generation, transmission, and distribution. 

We also provide in house testing and repair services of electrical components. 


Hylec has supplied these products to the industry for close to 25 years, constantly improving and always striving for excellence.

We have grown to become a market leader and pride ourselves on good honest reliable and friendly service. 


We don't just sell it, we make it, If you think we can help, please feel free to contact us any time. 


HYLEC Energy Solutions is a subsidiary of NOVARC Pacific and part of the esteemed NOVARC Group. With complete ownership by NOVARC Pacific and the support of our sister factories in France and our local manufacturing facility based in Brisbane, we take immense pride in manufacturing high-quality products that cater to the energy sector.

Hylec Energy Solutions has been a trusted provider of a wide range of electrical safety products since 1998. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation as a flexible and reliable supplier, consistently meeting the evolving requirements of our customers. Our dedicated team, known for their exceptional organisation and commitment, ensures the delivery of top-notch products and support.

As a member of NOVARC Pacific since January 2015, HYLEC has full access to our sister factories and a diverse range of safety products manufactured by them. Additionally, our self-sufficient manufacturing facility in Brisbane allows us to offer localised production capabilities. NOVARC Group has been a global leader in Electrical Safety Product Manufacturing & Supplies since 1949.

HYLEC falls under the same Novarc Safety division know as ESP (Electrical Safety Products). Our ESP companies serve over 250 utility companies worldwide, and our sister companies' collective knowledge and expertise enable us to provide our customers with expert  advice, service, and support. Our companies actively participate in 14 different IEC and ASTM committees to uphold our commitment to superior safety products.

 At HYLEC, we prioritise continuous improvement and expertise. Through our E-Learning and permanent training policies, we attract top-notch professionals to join our procurement team. This enables us to establish an optimised supply chain management system, delivering the necessary support to utilities and contractors who rely on HYLEC ENERGY SOLUTIONS.

Based in Brisbane, Hylec is an established Electrical Safety Products Manufacturer. Our primary objective is to ensure the safety of all customers in their workplace.  Since our establishment in Queensland in 1998, HYLEC ENERGY SOLUTIONS has been instrumental in improving safety standards in Australia. We introduced the first-ever FAMECA MV contact detector to the Australian market, contributing to a safer work environment.

With subsequent updates in electrical regulations, we introduced the phasor TAG5010 and HV detector TAG330, which have become widely used in Australia and the Pacific. Hylec had developed and introduced numerous innovative electronic devices that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability within the power network. Our capabilities extend to manufacturing specialty products tailored to customer specifications. Examples include capacitive probes for enhanced MV range safety, de-energized 3-phase cable and core identifiers (FC2300), and network mapping devices.

In our Brisbane facility, we possess the latest technology, including Solid works, Fusion, 3D printing, and various CNC machines, enabling us to transform concepts into fully realised prototypes swiftly. Product testing can be conducted internally in our Hylec lab testing department or by trusted third-party partners. We take great pride in being a trusted supplier to Every Utility in Australia.

Our comprehensive product range includes detection equipment, phasors, trackers, PEDs, hot sticks, LV live working tools, cable preparation tools, and much more. At HYLEC Energy Solutions, we are committed to delivering exceptional products and services, empowering our customers to operate with the utmost safety.

Hylec Energy Solutions - We don’t just sell it, we make it.